Art is a business: being an artist and a professional in the US

Art is a Business  By Gy Mirano

Gy MiranoNotes from the production trenches:  As an artist, immigrant and Spanish speaker I identify with the struggles and particular difficulties of other artists from a similar background trying to make it here. So when I’m in position to give an opportunity to either hire someone, or work with them creatively by bringing them to one of my projects, I tend to consider artists that come from a similar background. This has proven to be difficult many times. The lack of professionalism regarding attitude, punctual and complete delivery of product, unwillingness to work within good standard practices  runs rampant back in our countries, and it seems bad habits have followed us back to the States. This entrenched attitude can potentially have a negative impact on an individual project, and in our U.S community’s financial and creative health.

Talent is not everything. One needs talent, but that will not keep you working as an artist.    A long healthy career depends on your reputation too. Are you reliable, honest, punctual, respectful, and easy to work with? A professional mutual agreement verbally and on paper of good practices that benefit and protect both the artist and the client, is always in order, whether you are the one being hired, or hiring. Getting involved with someone that is draining, and ends up wasting your time and money it’s just not worth the aggravation no matter how talented they are. The process should be a pleasure, not a burden. If you are the one inflicting the aggravation and not delivering in a professional way, clean up your act in order to stay the course and grow your business and supporters.

My personal and professional motto is to treat all clients and partners with equal care, importance, and respect. I love this country deeply, and the way Americans work. When it comes to a big part of my heart, core values, and the way I do business, I’m American all the way, and very proud to say it.




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