Just say Sí – How SAG-AFTRA performers lost their NY project

Gy MiranoAbout Just Say Sí, the SAG-AFTRA event aimed at Spanish speaking performers that was presented yesterday nationally, you will be surprised, but peers, this is how it went down: It was an idea I created and developed two years ago over several long months. One of the core elements was that it should be based and launched out of NY. The reason for that was to help that pool of performers suffering from lack of jobs in the advertising, voice over, and theatrical fields:  New York Spanish speaking actors.

When the proposal was finalized, I sent it to LA for approval, where it was quickly snatched away from New York performers.  They took the credit for themselves and kept the launch and focus in LA. At the end, everyone patted each other on the back, and NY did not get that vital boost.

Disappointed by all this, and upset for NY performers, I kissed my baby good-bye and walked away. I have witnessed and been through many unfair situations in my years of service to performers, inflicted by other performers. The level of toxicity is to be avoided.   One needs to stick to those who seek to solve problems and collaborate, and those who cater to the cause, not their ego.

2 thoughts on “Just say Sí – How SAG-AFTRA performers lost their NY project

  1. Es vergonzoso lo que cuentas GY, sabes que desde Argentina te apoyamos en tus esfuerzos por los derechos de los artistas de habla hispana. Pero siempre hay gente que solo se mira el ombligo y se preocupa solo por si misma sin pensar en la solidaridad del grupo. El individualismo siempre lleva a eso. Un gran abrazo desde Argentina!!!

    • Gracias por tu apoyo mi estimado colega, siempre me inspiras! Los miembros del sindicato no saben lo que pasa, ni ejercen sus derechos. Se necesitan iniciativas de educación sobre estos temas.

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