gy mirano_ elemento cultural: book launch “Para mí, eres divina” by David Unger

“Para mí, eres divina” a novel by David Unger  

Book launch and bilingual reading

Gy Mirano with author David Unger at the Cervantes Institute, New York.

Actress Gy Mirano and author David  Unger

Actress Gy Mirano and author David Unger

Here we are at the book launch!

Working on this presentation with David Unger was a thrill.  We met at Poets House a while back and became friends and collaborators, so I was delighted when he left me in charge of putting together the book launch and bilingual presentation of his wonderful novel “In My Eyes You Are Beautiful”. It was a great evening with a captive audience as David read excerpts of his novel in English, and I read in Spanish. A dynamic Q&A followed, the audience was very engaged by David’s work. Reading the text to an audience made it come to life, it had a theatrical element to it. When reading the characters, I tried to capture their spirit and intent,  when narrating the story line, I aimed to paint the sequence using David’s delightful, textured language.

We are currently trying to follow up with the audiobook version narrated by yours truly. Looking forward to our next project!

David was recently honored with Guatemala’s 2014 National Literature Prize:

Gy Mirano y David  Unger

Gy Mirano y David Unger leen textos de su novela “Para mí eres divina”


Produced by gy mirano_elemento cultural

Photo: Cervantes Institute, NYC

Fashion: Inca Goddess Brazilian Agate Necklace by Gy Mirano for the Rubin Museum of Art; Black top by Floreat at Anthropology; Hair by Elizabeth and Arthur at Oscar Blandi Salon, NYC.  Make-up  by Shiseido, Lipstick by Pür in Rose Sandstone. 

 McNally Jackson Books –  Soho, NYC

Location: Instituto Cervantes –  New York, New York

By David Unger. Bilingual reading and presentation at Cervantes Institute with actress Gy Mirano.

By David Unger. Bilingual reading and presentation at Cervantes Institute with actress Gy Mirano.






Everyone Has a Plan New York Screening – Thank You ICNY & Consulate of Argentina in NY


Ana Piterbarg and Viggo Mortesen

“An evening with Viggo Mortensen” at ICNY movie screening and Q&A was produced by gy mirano_elemento cultural in collaboration with Instituto Cervantes New York and the Consulate General of Argentina in New York. 

Thank you 

Viggo Mortensen and Ana Piterbarg for and giving your time and support to this cultural event that promotes international collaborations and expands the artistic message.

John Harris for including selected works of on–set photos and behind the scenes of the Everyone has a Plan, and for helping me create a companion photographic exhibit.

Ignacio Olmos, Instituto Cervantes New York Executive Director for his support, and for giving this project a home at the beautiful New York location. Ms. Adriana Trotta, Deputy Consul General of Argentina for her commitment and leadership, her support was vital to this project. The artistic community is lucky to have these two friends by their side.

To the unstoppable Soledad Lopez of the ICNY, a great partner to work with. And ICNY’s Ramón Fernandez, with him on your team, the show always goes on!

Delish Argentinean wines generously donated by Mr. Sergio Stabio of Pro Mendoza.

Art is a business: being an artist and a professional in the US

Art is a Business  By Gy Mirano

Gy MiranoNotes from the production trenches:  As an artist, immigrant and Spanish speaker I identify with the struggles and particular difficulties of other artists from a similar background trying to make it here. So when I’m in position to give an opportunity to either hire someone, or work with them creatively by bringing them to one of my projects, I tend to consider artists that come from a similar background. This has proven to be difficult many times. The lack of professionalism regarding attitude, punctual and complete delivery of product, unwillingness to work within good standard practices  runs rampant back in our countries, and it seems bad habits have followed us back to the States. This entrenched attitude can potentially have a negative impact on an individual project, and in our U.S community’s financial and creative health.

Talent is not everything. One needs talent, but that will not keep you working as an artist.    A long healthy career depends on your reputation too. Are you reliable, honest, punctual, respectful, and easy to work with? A professional mutual agreement verbally and on paper of good practices that benefit and protect both the artist and the client, is always in order, whether you are the one being hired, or hiring. Getting involved with someone that is draining, and ends up wasting your time and money it’s just not worth the aggravation no matter how talented they are. The process should be a pleasure, not a burden. If you are the one inflicting the aggravation and not delivering in a professional way, clean up your act in order to stay the course and grow your business and supporters.

My personal and professional motto is to treat all clients and partners with equal care, importance, and respect. I love this country deeply, and the way Americans work. When it comes to a big part of my heart, core values, and the way I do business, I’m American all the way, and very proud to say it.




Just say Sí – How SAG-AFTRA performers lost their NY project

Gy MiranoAbout Just Say Sí, the SAG-AFTRA event aimed at Spanish speaking performers that was presented yesterday nationally, you will be surprised, but peers, this is how it went down: It was an idea I created and developed two years ago over several long months. One of the core elements was that it should be based and launched out of NY. The reason for that was to help that pool of performers suffering from lack of jobs in the advertising, voice over, and theatrical fields:  New York Spanish speaking actors.

When the proposal was finalized, I sent it to LA for approval, where it was quickly snatched away from New York performers.  They took the credit for themselves and kept the launch and focus in LA. At the end, everyone patted each other on the back, and NY did not get that vital boost.

Disappointed by all this, and upset for NY performers, I kissed my baby good-bye and walked away. I have witnessed and been through many unfair situations in my years of service to performers, inflicted by other performers. The level of toxicity is to be avoided.   One needs to stick to those who seek to solve problems and collaborate, and those who cater to the cause, not their ego.